Have you ever wondered about the history of our Gold Bunny?

It all began one bright March Spring morning, when the ground was
covered in a snow blanket and one of the Master Chocolatiers saw a
little bunny in his garden. The Chocolatier’s young son was
thoroughly mesmerized when he saw the little bunny, but began to
cry as soon as it disappeared into the bushes. Suddenly the
Chocolatier had a great idea. "I should make such a bunny out of
chocolate"… and with that the "Gold Bunny" was born.

The enchanting gold bunny was made from the finest Lindt
chocolate and was lovingly wrapped in gold foil and hand finished,
as it still is today. As a special mark of recognition the bunny was
given its unique red ribbon and golden bell.

The Gold Bunny embodies the ultimate magic of this season and
continues to be a cherished centrepiece of family Easter traditions.

Have you ever wondered how
the Lindt Gold Bunny is made?


The finest liquid Lindt chocolate is poured into one half of the GOLD BUNNY mould. Next, the empty other half is carefully placed on top and firmly locked into place.


Now, the GOLD BUNNY mould is rotated and spun until the chocolate is evenly spread to the walls of the mould. While the chocolate slowly cools down, the mould remains in rotation until the chocolate has completely hardened.


The entire elaborate process takes about 45 minutes. During the cooling process, the cocoa butter forms fine crystals and contracts slightly. This makes it possible to loosen the GOLD BUNNY from the mould quite easily.


Every GOLD BUNNY is hand-finished, polished with a soft glove and has his ribbon and bell put on by hand.